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Balsamic Vinegar Zvijezda 0,5l

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Balsamic Vinegar Zvijezda 0,5l- Balsamic vinegar is dark in color and has a thick and rich aromatic flavor that will give any food a special note. It is commonly used in the Mediterranean cuisine for flavoring salads such as radicchio, rocket, beans or tomatoes, as well as a final touch to fish, squid and shrimp. It pairs well with meat dishes made of pork, lamb or game. It is produced from the cooked must of white grapes which, during a long-term process, turns into vinegar by natural fermentation. Aging the vinegar makes it more concentrated, and the final color and aroma is obtained by pouring it into barrels made of different types of wood.
Every year the vinegar is mixed with younger vinegar and then transferred into smaller barrels.