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Traditional Croatian beer Ozujsko 0.33 x24 pack

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Ožujsko (fully Ožujsko pivo; lit. March Beer), also known and marketed as Žuja, is a Croatian brand of lager beer (5%). It is the flagship brand produced by Zagrebačka pivovara, the biggest brewery in the country which is a part of Molson Coors Brewing Company since 2013.

It is made from natural ingredients – barley, yeast, hops and water. Ožujsko has a golden color. It was named after the month of March (Croatian:ožujak), when traditionally the best beer is made. With developments in production this seasonality is no longer important for the quality of Ožujsko pivo and now it can be brewed all year round.It is also described as "a golden lager, with a deep white head. A sweet corn and malt nose gives to a fruity finish"

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